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The Art History Network (AHN) was launched in 2021 as a new version of the popular Melbourne Art Network, which ran from 2009-2019. Like its predecessor, this site is devoted to the promotion of events, news, and critical commentary about art history and art generally. The new name reflects a new focus on art history in the broader Australia and New Zealand region. The editors of AHN are Katrina Grant and Mark Shepheard, both based in Canberra. 

The Melbourne Art Network archive remains on this website, and includes many reviews and opinion pieces, as well as a record of the diverse exhibitions, events and conferences that were held in Melbourne and around Australia from 2009-2019. 

Logo of the Australian Institute for Art HIstoryAlthough, the AHN is not directly affiliated with any organisation, it does receive financial support from the Australian Institute of Art History to cover the website’s principal operating costs. We thank the Institute for its generous support.

AHN also hosts paid advertisements for jobs, exhibitions and events relevant to our art history focus.

We welcome event notices, press releases and news that relate to academic art, architectural, design and garden history and to exhibitions and art events. To guarantee that your notice is published please make sure you send the notice at least five days before you would like it published. Please send clear information, preferably as a word document with relevant contact details. Also we prefer that items have an image to be posted alongside the story; please send this as a separate image file with a relevant credit line. Please also ensure that you have secured the relevant licenses or copyright permissions to allow the image to be published on AHN. See contact details here Contact Us.


Dr Katrina Grant

Mark Shepheard


The editors will decide which submitted notices are suitable for the site, and the decision of the editors is final. AHN aims to publish 2-5 posts per week so it is not always possible to publish all submitted material. AHN does not take responsibility for views expressed on its website. Any promotional materials concerning events,  funding and similar are the responsibility of the organising body that has supplied the information. Any queries about these events should be directed to the relevant organising body. All opinions expressed on the various opinion pages are the responsibility of individual authors and do not represent the views of AHN. Any concerns about such pages and posts should be directed to the editor. AHN welcomes comments on our posts, these comments should not be considered to represent the views of the editors of the AHN. We reserves the right to moderate, not publish or edit comments for reasons of relevance, length, spelling and to remove offensive material. Every effort is made to ensure that images used on the site are published with appropriate credit, if you believe an image should not have been published or is mis-credited, please contact us.

Creative Commons License

The AHN website operates under the Creative Commons  Attribution-Non Commercial-NoDerivs 3.0 licence. For a summary account of the terms of this license see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/

This license does not cover images on the site, which will be subject to different licenses and permission to reuse images should be directed to the relevant license or copyright holder.


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  1. Great to see this invaluable resource revitalised, reimagined and back up & running. Thank you!

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