• A Tasmanian Icon, TMAG has been at the forefront of telling Tasmanian stories for over 150 years
  • A unique institution where the sciences and humanities intersect combining a world-class gallery, herbarium and museum
  • Outstanding opportunity for an experienced and visionary leader in the galleries, museums and collecting institutions sector

Founded in 1863 in the last decades before museums of arts and sciences began to part company, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) is a rare survivor of that schism and has retained its original all-encompassing vision.

Today, it has again become more relevant, important and vital. It is a place for both scientific and creative research. A place where the sciences and humanities intersect to consider and confront the world’s urgent challenges. These fields are symbiotic: the imagination of the arts gives us new pathways of understanding, whereas the creativity of scientists takes us down unexplored avenues.

TMAG is in a fortunate position, rare in Australia in its powerful combination of a gallery, herbarium and museum. It has the collections and expertise that can be marshalled to educate, propose ideas, stimulate thought and encourage imagination across the spectrum of human knowledge, past and present.

TMAG’s perspective is uniquely Tasmanian, relevant to locals and visitors alike. TMAG strives to regularly reinvent itself to retain relevance, as all museums must do.

The COVID-19 crisis has provided a further catalyst. Working with the support of the Tasmanian Minister for the Arts through the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Act 2017, TMAG will play a critical role in Tasmania’s Cultural and Creative Recovery Strategy to further a vibrant and resilient cultural sector.

This relevant, contemporary ethos, driven by strong ideas, will lead to even better exhibitions, research outcomes and public engagement. Through this reinvention and with a new Strategic Plan in place for the next four years, TMAG will take the lead role in a campaign to make Tasmania a cultural centre at the edge of the world by telling unique stories that exhilarate and provoke, by connecting art, science, culture and our environment to create opportunities to enable participation, reflection, learning, dialogue and debate.

This is an excellent time to be joining TMAG and a fantastic opportunity for an experienced and visionary leader in the galleries, museums and collecting institutions sector to work with an ambitious Board to take an already strong organisation to new levels, whilst enjoying the benefits of a unique and sought-after Tasmanian lifestyle in a state with a burgeoning international cultural reputation.

Please contact the consultants assisting the Board and Department of State Growth to obtain the link to the Information for Candidates site that has more information on TMAG, the role and the application requirements:

Tony Grierson

AEGEUS Executive Search

P: +61 3 6118 2688

E: tmag@aegeus.asia

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