Cover of Contemporary Art and Feminism

A new book from Jacqueline Millner (La Trobe University) and Catriona Moore (University of Sydney) on Contemporary Art and Feminism has been recently released by Routledge.

Contemporary Art and Feminism carefully outlines the links between feminist theory and practice of the past four decades of contemporary art and offers a radical re-reading of the contemporary movement. Rather than focus on filling in the gaps of accepted histories by ‘adding’ the ‘missing’ female, queer, First Nations and women artists of colour, the authors seek to revise broader understandings of contemporary practice by providing case studies contextualised in a robust art historical and theoretical basis. Readers are encouraged to see where art ideas come from and evaluate past and present art strategies. What strategies, materials or tropes are less relevant in today’s networked, event-driven art economies? What strategies and themes should we keep hold of, or develop in new ways?

The book has received favourable reviews and covers a range of interlinking topics from politics to pedagogy and First Nations care for country.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: From the politics of representation to a politics of acts

Chapter 2: Beyond performing identities

Chapter 3: Feminism and the pedagogical turn in art

Chapter 4: Craftivism: a material ethics of care

Chapter 5: Avant Gardening: Western landscape, ecofeminism and First Nations’ care for country

Chapter 6: Feminist worlds: reimagining community and publics

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