Credit: Artwork by Meg O’Shea, 2017

Self-made: zines and artist books

This bold exhibition delves into the evolution of do-it-yourself culture, from limited-run artist books to cut-and-paste photocopy fanzines.

Discover science fiction fanzines from the 1940s, ground-breaking 1970s punk zines, Australian underground press publications, and artist books designed to defy tradition and buck the commercial gallery system.


Open daily during Library hours

11 August –12 November 2017

Free guided tours: Tuesdays 12.30pm, Thursdays 6pm, Sundays 3pm

Blue Rotunda, Cowen Gallery

Looped: artist books in the round

In this unique installation from artists Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, each glass-panelled cabinet case around the domed reading room’s original heritage dais becomes a page.


Open daily during Library hours

4 August –26 November 2017

La Trobe Reading Room

Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, I think all the world is falling (detail), 2017