Not titled (a portrait bust of a woman, Hagar), c. 150, Australian War Memorial

The symposium for Syria: Ancient History – Modern Conflict expands on the eponymous exhibition, exploring Australian archaeological work in Syria across three decades. These excavations, and the materials they uncovered, will be presented within the framework of Syria’s current heritage crisis. The symposium will cover the various aspects of site analysis and management, touching on key issues like the politics of mapping archaeological landscapes and excavating sustainably. By bringing in experts from across the discipline we aim to show the wealth of knowledge that excavations in Syria have procured about the history of the region, as well as shedding some light on the process of archaeology and how it can aid in the current conflict.

Join us for an illuminating symposium looking at the University’s past research projects in Syria and the contribution they have made to our understanding of the archaeology of this historically important area, while suggesting new methods of object based research and preservation.

To register or download the full program, visit the website here.

Saturday 12 August 9.30am-5pm

Session 1: Cultural Diversity – Jebel Khalid
(chair: Dr Andrew Jamieson)
Dr Heather Jackson (Unimelb)
Dr John Tidmarsh (USyd)
Dr Mandy Mottram (ANU)
Holly Jones-Amin (Unimelb)

Session 2: Conquest and Colonisation – Tell Ahmar
(chair: Dr Leah McKenzie)
Dr Guy Bunnens (Liege) (to be read by Michelle Glynn)
Dr Andrew Jamieson (Unimelb)
Jeremy Smith (HV)

Session 3: Cities on the Frontier – El-Qitar and Tell Nebi Mend
(chair: Dr Marilyn Truscott)
Dr Thomas McClellan (to be read by Mandy Mottram)
Cliff Ogleby (Unimelb)
Dr Christopher Davey (AIA)

Sunday 13 August 9.30am-12.30pm

Session 4: Community Engagement and Cultural Heritage
(chair: Dr Leah McKenzie)
Dr Marilyn Truscott (ICOMOS)
Dr Andrew Jamieson (Unimelb)
Dr Fiona Hill (Almanar)

Session 5: War, Destruction, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity
(chair: Dr Fiona Hill)
Dr Nicholas al Jeloo (Unimelb)
Dr Mandy Mottram (ANU)
Dr Antonio Gonzalez (Deakin)