Curator, The National Library of Australia – deadline 9th August 2015

Gallery Registrar, Art Gallery of Ballarat – deadline 7th August 2015

Regional Coordinator Art Galleries and Cultural Services , Toowoomba – deadline 10th August 2015

Objects Conservator, Australian War Memorial – deadline 12th August 2015

Curator Drawings, Paintings and Prints, Alexander Turnbull Library (Wellington, New Zealand) – deadline 3rd August 2015

Collections Curator, The Aigantighe Art Gallery (Canterbury, New Zealand) – deadline 10th August 2015

Max Weber Post-doctoral Fellowships, European University Institute – deadline 25th October 2015

Lecturer in Critical and Historical Studies, Kingston University – Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture – deadline 9th August 2015

Teaching Fellow in Asian Art History, University of Leeds – School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies – deadline 5th August

Senior Lecturer BA Fine Art Painting, University of the Arts London, Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon –  deadline 6th August 2015


Herrenhausen-Research-Fellowship (Garden History) – deadline 15th November 2015

Associate Investigators, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, Europe 1100 – 1800 (CHE) – deadline 31st August 2015

Calls for Papers

Eighteenth-Century Studies Special Issue: ‘The City in the Long Eighteenth Century’ – deadline 15th January 2016

Writing Buildings (University of Kent, July 2016) – deadline 30th September 2015

Manipulating Flora. Gardens as laboratories in the Renaissance and Early Modern Europe (Bucharest, January 2016) – deadline 15th October 2015

Posing The Body: Stillness, Movement, And Representation (Regent Street Cinema, University of Westminster & The Courtauld Institute of Art.\, May 2016) – deadline 2nd October 2015

Society for Renaissance Studies 7th Biennial Conference (School of Culture and Creative Arts, University of Glasgow, 18-20 July, 2016) – deadline 2nd October 2015

Art and the Verdant Earth: The Green Worlds of the Renaissance and the Baroque, Edited Book – deadline 15th August 2015

The Senses in Medieval and Renaissance Europe: Sight and Visual Perception
(University College Dublin, 11–12 March, 2016) – deadline 8th November  2015

Rowlandson and After: Rethinking Graphic Satire (London, 22 January 2016) – deadline 25 September 2015

Transforming Topography (The British Library, London, 6 May 2016) – deadline 30 September 2015