OPEN | The Thirtieth Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 2-5 July 2013

On behalf of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand, we invite proposals for contributions to the Society’s thirtieth annual conference, to be staged principally at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus in Queensland, Australia. Our theme is OPEN. While papers may address any chronology or geography in the history of architecture, we invite contributors to reflect on what they regard to be the open questions in the history of architecture at the present moment.

These open questions might relate to elisions and problems within the treatment of specific historical subjects, or to the way architecture’s past is historically construed. They may concern techniques of historical analysis, or the evidentiary field on which architectural history rests. Papers might raise questions that problematize the entire practice of architectural historiography or that oblige us to reconsider the apparently minor details of historical accounts or critical readings. Contributors might address the relation of architectural history to other dimensions of architectural culture, especially theory and criticism, as well as its relationship with architectural design and the forms of projective historical analysis that support history’s role in architectural production, problematically or otherwise. Potential speakers might not identify as architectural historians, but nonetheless engage the materials of architectural history in their research; their work is welcome.

Given the Gold Coast location of the 2013 conference, we particularly encourage papers that address these questions in relation to the architectural and urban history of the Gold Coast (or South-East Queensland more broadly). The public programme of the conference will be offered in collaboration with the Gold Coast City Art Gallery.

The conference is an opportunity for members of SAHANZ to present work in progress or completed research. It also affords the SAHANZ membership an opportunity to welcome colleagues from beyond the Australia-New Zealand region. We will be pleased to extend the registration rates normally reserved for SAHANZ members to current members of the Society of Architectural Historians, the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, and the European Architectural History Network.


Abstracts (300 words) will be subject to peer review, as will full papers (4,500 words, incl. notes). Sessions will be organized on the basis of relationships between full papers that have been accepted for presentation.

Please submit your abstract using the Online Conference Management System (which will be operational by the end of June). The deadline for abstracts is 30 September 2012. Please note that an individual may only be named in one abstract submission. Contributors whose proposals are accepted at this stage must submit papers no later than 30 January 2013 for peer review. Papers will be published on the conference website, with print-on-demand editions of the full conference proceedings available after the conference at additional cost.

Alexandra Brown & Andrew Leach

Convenors, OPEN : SAHANZ 30

For further information and enquiries visit the conference website: