The Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ) calls for applications for the David Saunders Founder’s Grant 2012

The aim of the David Saunders Founders Grant is to foster new research in architectural history and theory. Applications can be made to apply for funds to assist in field-work, archival assistance, printing and reproduction costs in preparation for publication. The award cannot be used to fund conference travel or registration. The grant will total AUD$2000.

Applicants are required to be financial members of SAHANZ at the time of submission and to maintain their membership during the period of the award. Applicants are required to be emergent or early career researchers, including postgraduate students, recent graduates and those in the first few years of full-time academic employment.

Applicants must be resident in Australia or New Zealand or, if resident elsewhere, must be proposing to use the Grant to undertake research on or of relevance to the architectural history of Australia or New Zealand.

Submission and Award Conditions
1. Project proposals must include an outline of the project, budget and its justification; proposed outcomes; and a brief CV (See Application requirements below).
2. The awarding of the Grant is decided by the Committee of SAHANZ.
3. Grant monies will be made available within two months at the announcement of the Grant.
4. The funded research should be able to be completed in one year from the date of the award announcement. Outcomes from research are expected within two years of the award.
5. At completion of the research, Grantees are required to report on the acquittal of the Grant against actual expenses, and on the status of the outcomes (i.e. the publication/s).
6. SAHANZ reserves the right to have first option to publish part or all of the research results in Fabrications.

1. The demonstrated ability of the applicant.
2. The likely significance of the research.
3. Evidence that the proposed project is achievable with this grant (i.e. not dependent upon securing additional funds).
4. The likely quality and impact of the proposed outcomes.

Submission requirements
Applicants must provide details of the significance (300 words max.), project description (600 words max.), budget justification (300 words max.) and outcomes (600 words max.) in their applications. They also need to provide the name of two referees and a two-page cv. You can download the application form at the following link which has more detailed information about the requirements:

For more information:

Submission date: Friday, 1st June 2012.

Email submission, with hardcopy to follow by mail post dated no later than 1st June.

Address all submissions to:

Michael Chapman
Secretary of Society of Architectural Historians, Australia & New Zealand
School of Architecture and the Built Environment
University of Newcastle
Newcastle, NSW, 2308