Jill Orr ‘Space, Place and Recurring History’

Monash University Faculty Gallery

Jill Orr, Between Somewhere and Nowhere-Mirror, 2011. Photographer, Christina Simons for Jill Orr. Copyright the artist. Inkjet print on crane silver rag. 105 x 145cm. Courtesy of the artist and Jenny Port Gallery.

Space, Place and Recurring History is an analysis, through art practice, of relationships to place that overlap, intermingle, collaborate and question. Vision, imagination and possibility sit side by side the challenges faced in the psycho-social environment, that goes hand in hand with the Earth’s  ecology of which we are an integral part. The works created for this research address some blockages  that impede social and environmental change and propose an imaginative, interactive space through which a productive chaos of possibility can be found. It is an expanded space that can also be framed as culture as nature. Termed by Janine Burke, this is the vast space between binary oppositional structures. Part of the process of undoing or opening up binary structures is to enable hearing/ listening/ imagining/ and visualising to become active communication methods that can occur through performance, photography and video.

This exhibition comprises the practical component of Jill Orr’s PhD research.

Exhibition: 31 March – 5 April 2012

Opening event: Wednesday 4 April 5 -7pm

Venue: Faculty Gallery, Art Design & Architecture Building, Monash University, 900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield.