Recent writing on Art and Art History News 

Links of interest from the past two weeks:

The debate over the Louvre’s cleaning of Leonardo’s ‘Virgin and Child With Saint Anne’ has generated a number of articles – the most in depth from the New York Times with others from The Guardian and the BBC.

‘What’s in a name’? Nasser Rabat reviews  the newly renovated and reopened Islamic Galleries at the Met in New York.

Review of Martin Kemp’s new book ‘Christ to Coke: How Image Becomes Icon’ by Noah Charney.

New online and open access journal Ultima Thule: Journal of Architectural Imagination

A Melbourne artist decides to grab the headlines by deep frying a signed sketch by Sidney Nolan and selling it on ebay.

Discussion of Geoffrey Bardon at Papunya and a review of the NGVs  current show Tjukurrtjanu: Origins of Western Desert Art by Russell Skelton.

A survey by the Art Newspaper reveals that the Louvre is the world most visited museum with Australian visitors making it into the top 5.

The Art Newspaper on the Unesco report into Pompeii, which could see the Ancient Roman town  on the list of World Heritage in Danger.

The Huffington post on Yayoi Kusamna’s installation – Obliteration Room. Currently on show at the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane.

An interesting read on why it doesn’t make sense to single out subjects like art history (in the US) as an example of too many students studying non vocational or non profitable majors.