Call for Contributions

Mapping South – The Potentials of the South Project

Deadline for Proposals: 25 November 2011

Since its launch in 2004, the South Project has dedicated itself to bringing the distinct voices of the southern hemisphere together through south-south dialogue and trans-cultural exchange. Alongside long-term residencies and mentorship programs, the South Project has hosted annual gatherings in locations across the south – in Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and Indonesia – building dynamic spaces in which artists, curators, writers and other cultural producers can meet across national, social and disciplinary borders.

In 2012, the South Project’s first wave of activity will draw to a close with its first book project. This is Mapping South: an anthology of images, reflections, essays and polemics that will emphasise the South Project’s exchange of cultural histories, knowledge and creativity across the region. Edited by a collective of some of the south’s leading cultural producers, Mapping South will illuminate the significance of cross-cultural connections and perspectives throughout the south, and propose new pathways for building those connections in the future.

We are seeking contributions from artists, writers, designers, craftspeople, curators, scholars – anyone who has an interest in what it means to speak from the south, in reframing contemporary cultural realities from the perspectives of the south, and in reimagining cultural connections within and across the south.

We welcome contributions in visual and written forms, made by individuals or in collaborations, that analyse, document, challenge or reflect the histories, realities and possibilities of cultural production in the south.

Subjects may include, but are not limited to:

  • What does the south mean for you?
  • What represents the cultural realities of the south?
  • How can we depict the south?
  • What are the histories of south-south dialogue?
  • How can we imagine, and imagine from, the perspectives of the south?
  • How do we imagine from those perspectives already?
  • What are the roles of collaboration, translation and provocation in thinking ‘south’?
  • Whose ‘south’ is this, and where is it located?
  • What are the problems and potentials of thinking in terms of ‘the south’?
  • What are the aesthetics and the politics of culture in the south?
  • How might south-south dialogue produce modes of decolonisation, rather than a return to dominant languages and methodologies?
  • What happens when forms and concepts from art and culture in the south migrate and emerge elsewhere (and vice versa)?
  • Does the world look different through the mappings of the south?


Image-based contributions can be between 1 page and 8 pages in length. Text-based contributions can be as short as 1 sentence, or up to a maximum of 3000 words. Texts must be written in a recognised language, but need not be in English or Spanish. While contributions can be single-authored, we encourage collaborative contributions as well, especially between people from different parts of the south, and across different mediums (e.g., an historian collaborating with an image-maker, or a craftsperson collaborating with a poet). We anticipate a March 2012 deadline for final contributions.

Editorial Collective

While the South Project is based in Melbourne, Australia, the Mapping South Editorial Collective is truly international in its composition and focus. Its members are Beatriz Bustos, The Dead Revolutionaries Club, Michelle Evans, Anthony Gardner (chief editor), Hannah Mathews, Gerardo Mosquera, Zara Stanhope and Ferdiansyah Thajib.

Submitting a Proposal

If you would like to submit a proposal to Mapping South, please send a 200-300 word abstract and/or plan of your contribution by 25 November 2011. Your proposal should provide the following:

  • An outline of what your contribution will be
  • Any images relevant to your contribution (up to a maximum of 5)
  • The names of collaborators, if any
  • A brief curriculum vitae and the email address for all potential contributors (these are not included in the 200-300 word limit for the proposal)

Proposals can be written in either English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian or French.


Review of proposals will begin on 25 November 2011. You will be informed of the response to your proposal in mid-December, and the final deadline for contributions will be in late March 2012. If your contribution will include reproductions of artists’ work, then reproduction permission should be sought by you from the artist or their representative.

All proposals should be submitted to Angela Brophy at Mapping South:

If you would like to discuss your proposal with the editors, or have any editorial enquiries, please contact Angela Brophy at

Further information about the histories and initiatives of the South Project can be found online at