Call For Papers

Women Artists in Early Modern Italy

Florence, Italy, March 3, 2012

Deadline: Jan 12, 2011

The Jane Fortune Research Program on Women Artists in the Age of the Medici at The Medici Archive Project is organizing a one-day conference (Florence, March 3, 2012) to highlight new documentary findings on the creative production of women in the visual arts (broadly defined) in the period 1500-1750.

Researchers have been exploiting historical archives to answer such questions as, What were the lives of women artists like in early modern Italy? Did their creative production take its cues from the social, cultural and professional circumstances that characterized their careers? Did they operate workshops similarly to male artists? Did their techniques for attracting patronage and setting prices follow the example of male artists? Where else besides the professional artist’s studio did women engage in the visual arts? Are there works of art by women artists that can be identified, dated or otherwise clarified by means of archival evidence? This conference offers an opportunity for comparing findings on early modern women artists and for examining a range of useful archival strategies and historiographic methodologies.

Although Italian women artists are of primary concern at this conference, papers on women artists of other countries are welcome particularly if they can be linked with the Medici or if their works were collected by any of the Medici (as in the case of Rachel Ruysch for instance). We are also particularly keen to include papers dealing with the collecting and display of works by women artists in the years 1500-1750, as well as papers that characterize the patronage enjoyed by women artists of this period.

To apply, please submit by December 1, 2012, a paper title, a one-page abstract either in English or Italian, and a curriculum vitae. Submissions should be sent via email to Dr. Sheila Barker: