The Romantic Studies Association of Australasia

Reflections on Revolution and Romanticism

A Postgraduate Symposium

The University of Sydney, 25th – 26th November hosted by the Romantic Studies Association of Australasia (RSAA)

Papers are invited from all Postgraduate Students on the subject of Revolution and Romanticism, encompassing revolutions in Literature, Politics, Print, Science, Art, Industry, Education, Gender, Travel etc.

“The French Revolution,” wrote William Hazlitt, “might be described as a remote but inevitable result of the invention of the art of printing.” Hazlitt’s description is only one of a multitude blending political, scientific, and cultural causes to explain the various revolutions that characterise and define the Romantic age. Papers are invited from all postgraduates working in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries on the broad subject of Revolution and Romanticism, including but not limited to revolutions in literature, politics, print, science, art, industry, education, gender, and travel.

The conference will include keynote addresses by distinguished Romantic scholars on each of the three political revolutions crucial to our understanding of the period:

Professor Will Christie (President of the RSAA) on the Glorious Revolution of 1688

Professor Paul Giles (Challis Professor of English Literature, University of Sydney) on the American Revolution

Dr Gemma Betros (Lecturer in European History, ANU) on the French Revolution

Please send abstracts of 150-250 words to: Elias Greig

Deadline: 15 October 2011

Conference Fee: $85

For further information contact Elias Grieg or visit the symposium website: