Beyond Italy and New Spain – Itineraries for an Iberian Art History (1440-1640)

Organizers: Michael Cole and Alessandra Russo

April, 27th-29th, 2012, Columbia University, The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America / Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures

Co-sponsored by the Department of Art History and Archeology

Call for papers

This conference aims to open new dialogues on Iberian art and architecture from the decade that saw the Aragonese conquest of Southern Italy (1443) and the establishment of the first Portuguese trading station on the African island of Arguim (1449) to that of the separation of the Portuguese and the Spanish crowns (1640).

Art historical scholarship on Spanish Naples, Hapsburg Netherlands, New Spain or Peru, like that on Portugal and on the former Portuguese possessions, has largely remained local. We therefore invite proposals for papers that would discuss artistic dynamics in or between at least two zones of the Iberian atlas (Portugal, Brazil, Flanders, Spain, Goa, Macao, Milan, Naples, Peru, the Philippines, Sicily, Sierra Leone, etc.). Themes may include the movement, reinstallation, and reinterpretation of images and objects; the materials of art making and their changing (or unchanging) meaning; printed and other reproductions and their relationship to new originals; the reinterpretation of architectural models in response to differing landscapes, labor conditions, technologies, and functional requirements; the travel of artists, patrons, and viewers; competing religious, political, intellectual, or patronage networks (Jesuits vs Franciscans, traders vs missionaries, Portuguese vs Dutch, etc.); the literature of art and its forms across space. Especially welcome are proposals that address both specific works and methodological questions.

Please send proposals by September, 25th, 2011 to: and

Accepted papers will receive funding for travel to NYC.