Symposium: Places of memory in medieval and early modern Europe

Friday 30th – Saturday 1st October, 2011

The connection between memory and place is a significant theme in humanities research. This symposium seeks to explore how memory was embodied in places and how place was imagined in memory in medieval and early modern Europe. By focussing on the spatialised nature of premodern memory, this symposium will consider the locational dimensions of memory, and the ways in which specific places – material or imagined – reflected memorial, commemorative or mnemonic concerns.

Our speakers will focus on a particular location, including Jerusalem, India, Paris, Egypt, Marseilles, Salem, Portadown, Westminster and Australia. Speakers will explore themes such as individual and collective memory of a particular place, the use of memory in creating place, communicative memory, the construction of historical memory, the performance of memory.


Dr Megan Cassidy-Welch | Email: |Phone: 03 9902 4691

  • Dr Peter Sherlock (Melbourne College of Divinity) |Email: |Phone: 03 9340 8891

Speakers | Megan CASSIDY-WELCH (Monash University) | Ian COLLER (Latrobe University) | Louise D’ARCENS (University of Wollongong) | Darius von GUTTNER (University of Melbourne) | Dianne HALL (Victoria University)| Felicity HARLEY-MCGOWAN (University of Melbourne) | Peter HOWARD (Monash University) | Catherine JEFFREYS (Monash University) | Elizabeth KENT (University of Melbourne) | Constant MEWS (Monash University) | Dolly MACKINNON (University of Queensland) | Andrew MCGOWAN (University of Melbourne) | Clare MONAGLE (Monash University) | Mark PENDLETON (University of Melbourne) | Peter SHERLOCK (Melbourne College of Divinity)| Jenny SPINKS (University of Melbourne) | Stephanie TRIGG (University of Melbourne) | Carol WILLIAMS (Monash University)

Registration | Online: $50 per day or $80 for 2 days. Includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea.

Venue: State Library of Victoria, seminar room 1 (entry via Latrobe St)

Date: Friday September 30th and Saturday October 1st, 2011, 9.30am-5pm

Download symposium flyer here [72kb]

This symposium is supported by the Australian Research Council, Monash University and the Melbourne College of Divinity.