Melbourne Open House

Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July

This weekend Melbourne’s architecture is open to the public. Residents and visitors alike are invited to see behind the façades of 75 of Melbourne’s historic and contemporary buildings.

Buildings range from historic interiors such as the recently restored interior of Myer’s Mural Hall or the stately 19th century interiors of the Melbourne Town Hall to contemporary architecture such as the 60L Green building (headquarters of the Australian Conservation Foundation) and the rooftop garden of the Origen Energy building. A full list and map can be obtained from the Melbourne Open House website.

Please note that tours of some buildings must be booked, and in many cases these tours are already fully booked. In addition, everyone is advised that this event is always incredibly popular and there are often queues to get into the more popular buildings. Some buildings include guided tours, which can be booked on the day. For full details of access and opening hours and for any enquiries please see the MOH website.