ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions: Change Program Scholarships

Scholarships are available in the new ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, working with Professor David Lemmings in the OChange¹program.

Opportunities include:
·      Full scholarship to the value of $26,000 per annum; or
·      Supplementary scholarship to the value of $5,500 per annum.
Each scholarship offers the recipient a travel/accommodation allowance of up to $13,500 in order to conduct research in Europe.

The type and number of scholarship(s) will be determined in consideration of the available funding and the number of suitable applications.

Up to three years, with a possible six month extension.

Discipline/Research Topic
The topics for study should relate to emotions in Europe (including Britain), 1100-1800 and particularly to collective emotion and its influence on major socio-cultural, political and economic change. Eligibility is not limited to candidates in the area of History. The research topic is broad and as such may be relevant to other research areas some examples of which include (but are not limited to) English literature, political theory, and sociology.

Applicants must apply using the Application for Admission and/or Scholarship Form. Please write OARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions: Change Program Scholarships¹ in the section marked ‘other’.
ALL enquiries/expressions of Interest must be directed to Professor David Lemmings: