Call for Contributions and Expressions of Interest

The Art and Architecture of the City of Rome 1200-1940

The next issue of Melbourne Art Journal will take the form of an edited book devoted to Rome from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, from a topographical perspective.

Because this publication will be presented as a scholarly book accessible to the general reader, the editor will be encouraging contributors to base their offerings on research in their own particular specialism, but to contextualise them fully, so that their contribution opens a window onto a particular part or parts of Rome.

Because of the high production values contributors will be encouraged to make their contributions visually impressive, by using as many old view paintings, drawings, and maps as appropriate, as well as high quality photographs of Rome today.

The particular focus of contributions may vary. They may include such approaches as: urbanistic studies of particular areas of Rome; architectural history studies of particular buildings; studies of views of Roman sites; studies of particular monuments (sculpture, painting, mosaic) in situ (or recovering their original installations); patronage or collection studies that are place-centred; historical events as viewed through paintings, drawings and prints; any many others. In all cases contributors must be prepared to accept some direction in shaping their core research into chapters that support the shape of the volume as a whole.

The topographical range may extend from the city of Rome to the surrounding Campagna.

For further details, see the Melbourne Art Journal website.