British Academy Visiting Scholars

The Academy’s Visiting Scholars scheme enables scholars from overseas to apply to the Academy, in conjunction with a UK host, for research visits to the UK of two to six months. The main purpose of the visit should be to enable the visitor to pursue research.

The UK host must be resident in the UK, and must undertake to make all the necessary practical and administrative arrangements for the visit. The Academy grants the title of British Academy Visiting Scholar and awards funding for the visit.

Although applicant from anywhere outside the UK may apply to this scheme, it is the Academy’s intention to give a higher priority to candidates from countries where financial resources to support visits to the UK are not readily available, to candidates who have not previously had the opportunity to work in the UK, and to those initiating new collaborations.

Financial basis of the scheme: Grants are provided to a maximum of £7,500 and are intended to cover travel and subsistence costs for the Visiting Scholar for the duration of their stay.

For applications deadlines and details of the award timetable please see deadlines

Eligibility: British Academy Visiting Scholars awards are designed for postdoctoral scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Academics without a PhD must demonstrate equivalent status.

Method of application: Applications will be submitted via e-GAP2, the Academy’s electronic grant application system.

Scheme notes: Certain parts of the application should be completed by the potential visiting scholar and other parts by their proposed UK host. Therefore applicants and their potential UK hosts are strongly advised to read these scheme notes before completing an application.

Contact the International Relations Department for further information