The Arts of Rome’s Provinces (Getty Foundation Seminar)

The question of how we understand the art of the Roman provinces urgently requires reexamination in light of new thinking about colonialism and imperialism, set within the framework of an increasingly global world. At the same time that Anglophone art historians and archaeologists are querying whether we still can use the early 20th century concept of “romanization” — the processes by which cultures were brought in contact and materially changed by the Roman imperial presence — innovative art historical and archaeological techniques, theories, and analytic strategies permit us to explore the art of the provinces with fresh excitement and sometimes unexpected results.

This seminar, sponsored by the Getty Foundation, is designed to bring together a diverse international group of historians, art historians, museum professionals, and archaeologists interested in both theoretical issues of “romanization” and the particular manifestations of material culture in the various provinces. Our intention is to promote and provoke a broad conversation about the future of this developing field.

Two intensive two-week sessions are envisaged: one in Great Britain (May 2011) and one in Greece (January 2012). The seminar will be led by Professor Emerita Natalie Boymel Kampen (Columbia University) and Professor Susan E. Alcock (Brown University), in conjunction with a team of distinguished international scholars.

We now call for applications to join this traveling seminar. We particularly welcome expressions of interest from individuals at the junior or mid-career level, from the diverse range of fields mentioned above. Applicants must have an appropriate terminal degree such as the M.A., M.Phil., M.F.A., or Ph.D. Current students (including those of ABD status) may not apply.

Application due November 1, 2010

For more information and for the application available for download please visit: