Dean’s Lecture Series 2010

Melbourne School of Design – Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning, The University of Melbourne

Catherine Mosbach

Landscape Architect, Paris

kinetic bonds

Date: Tuesday 5 October 2010 @ 7pm

Venue: Carrillo Gantner Theatre (Basement – Sidney Myer Asia Centre), The University of Melbourne.

“The image, capable of producing the effect of strangeness, thus enacts a kind of experiment, by showing us that things are perhaps not what they seem, that it is up to us to see them otherwise and, through this openness, to transform them through imagination, then to make them truly different.”

– Maurice Blanchot, L’effet d’étrangeté (1957-1960), L’Entretien infini, 1969.

‘Viewing projects as a juxtaposition of documents and realities, for us they form an iconographic montage of ‘kinetic bonds’. The image that we are proposing here is more of the nature of image as material, between the fabrications that precede it and processes that extend beyond it. Its visibility requires that the interwoven layers of several time-spans be shown: the short-span of production which threads and commands the taking of form; and the long-span of accumulation which transforms everything even as it perpetrates its memory.’ – Catherine Mosbach

In this lecture, the final in the Dean’s Lecture Series for 2010, Catherine will present a visual survey of her work and discuss her unique design vision and practice.

Catherine Mosbach is an internationally renowned landscape architect who has operated her own design practice in Paris since 1987 and produced unique landscapes in Monaco, the USA, Canada, China, Israel, and Vietnam, as well as her native France.

The spectacular Botanical Gardens of Bordeaux, created between 2000 and 2007, projected Mosbach on to the international scene. She was awarded the Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize at the 3rd European Biennale of Landscape in Barcelona for this project in 2003 and it featured in the exhibition Constructing the Contemporary Landscape Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in 2005. Co-founder and editor of Pages Paysages, Catherine has published widely on landscape architecture. The magazine has helped create a forum for interdisciplinary discussions with various design professionals and guided her own unique design aesthetic and thinking.

Other significant projects include:

  • Saint Denis Canal Promenade in Paris
  • Grands Moulins Gardens in Paris
  • Seine Banks in Courbevoie
  • Museum Park Louvre in Lens
  • Rooftop Garden MCA in Denver, USA
  • The Other Bank in Quebec, Canada
  • Thu Thiem New Urban Area in Saïgon, Vietnam
  • Wind Sock in Batyam, Israel
  • Republic Plazza in Paris
  • Spot 5 in XI’an, China
  • Urban Project Matelot’s District in Versailles

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To coincide with the lecture, an exhibition of selected projects by Catherine Mosbach will be on display in the Wunderlich Gallery, 4 to 14 October.