International Conference Galli Bibiena Cultural Heritage

Lisbon, Portugal 19th – 20th November 2010

The Bibiena are known worldwide for the excellence of their work, which is present in numerous museums, libraries and private collections. The members of this family have earned fame in the most important European courts, from the last quarter of the seventeenth century until the first half of the nineteenth century, and are a clear reference to the European Baroque and Rococo Styles. In particular, their theaters “alla italiana” differs in both its grandeur and in its morphological structure. Technological innovations resulting from the introduction of perspective “per angolo” and the refinement of their stage set designs have echoed across Europe, from Lisbon to Saint Petersburg. These innovations have been the basis of the Bibiena teachings on the Clementine Academy of Bologna, which was the origin of many famous artists and architects of the eighteenth century.
The main theme, which serves as basis for this international conference, focuses on the importance of the Heritage Legacy, which is the inheritance of the Galli Bibiena, either drawn, written or built.
We are open to contributions that focus on the importance of the heritage of the Galli Bibiena and its conservation and diffusion. The communications may relate to:
a. The work of one or more family members
b. A certain period of time or space
c. The funds of a certain museum or private collection
d. The structure or genealogy of the family and their relationships and properties
f. The social, political and economic views related to their works
g. The architectural fields (civil, religious, theatrical, ephemeral)
h. Their stage set design productions, pictorial and perspective works
i. Their experience as teachers and treatises makers
j. The relation and importance in their Works of its disciples
Also welcome are papers that focus on new methodological and analytical approaches, which express the importance of the Galli Bibiena Cultural, or other issues related to them.
The abstracts most be written in English or Italian, and must be limited between 200 and 500 characters (spaces included).
The abstracts can be submitted by email to, attaching a file in Word format, which should include the title of the communication, the author(s), institution(s) to he(them) belongs, email)s, and the abstract (no images included).
The deadline for the abstracts submissions is 23:59 (Lisbon time; -01:00 CET) on September 15, 2010.
Any questions or additional request may be sent to or see the website
Submission of paper abstracts: September 15, 2010
Acceptance of the topics proposed: October 1, 2010
Submission of full paper: November 1, 2010
Conference Registration: November 5, 2010
Final program of the Conference: November 12, 2010