Perspectives on public space in Rome, from antiquity to the present day

Biennial of Public Space

Italian National Institute for Urban Planners (INU) Ex-Slaughterhouse in Testaccio

Rome, Italy – May 13-14, 2011

Please direct all enquiries to the organisers Gregory Smith Cornell in Rome and Jan Gadeyne Cornell in Rome


The conference is an integral part of the three-day Biennial of Public Space organized by the Italian National Institute for Urban Planners (INU). It wishes to bring together various perspectives on public space in the city of Rome pertaining to any historical period. The aim of the conference is to open debate on the notion of public space across time, interpreted as a fluid concept having architectural, institutional, political, social, religious, phenomenological, and artistic relevance. These suggestions are by no means exhaustive, and wish simply to establish a point of departure for the ways public space is used as a cultural concept. The uniting feature of the conference is its focus on the city of Rome through the ages.

Of special interest are the following areas:

  • Representations of public space in painting, poetry, theatre
  • Management of public space
  • Architectural design of public space
  • Political uses of public space

Ideally the conference will result in a collection of essays published in English. Those interested in participating should submit a two-hundred-word proposal to the organizers and a one-page cv. The deadline for submitting a proposal is October 1, 2010. Acceptance will be notified by October 15, 2010.