The State of Design festival begins tomorrow and runs till the 25th of July. Below are a few of the more art-related events. For a full program and further details about the below events see the website –

Some events may attract an entry fee.

175 Years of Design –

Part exhibition, part open forum. The 30-metre long installation reflects on Victoria’s design history and encourages visitors to share their stories. The exhibition draws on photographs, archival materials, graphics and sketches to retell tales of design in our daily life from 1835 to present day.

17-18 July, 10am-5pm ($10 entry fee for public). Royal Exhibition Building, Nicholson St, Carlton.

3D Stencil Project –

Your average two-dimensional stencil artist goes out on the street with a cardboard stencil and a can of spray paint. With the 3D Stencil, Trent Jansen goes to the street with a small mould and a can of ecologically inert expansion foam. The mould is attached to a wall and filled with expansion foam. Once the foam has cured the mould is removed, leaving a small form on the wall.

The first form used for the 3D Stencil has been a small half lampshade. A battery with LED’s is placed inside the shade, providing a small light source in some of the city’s darkest corners. Installation of the project will take place during the day, viewing is after dark.

19-25 July, 2010. Free. Higson Lane, Melbourne.

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival

The 2010 Gertrude Street Projection Festival turns Gertrude Street into a free walk, ride, drive and tram through outdoor projection gallery. Every night animations, stills, and digital art in all its forms are projected onto the pavements, buildings and walls of Gertrude Street.

This free Festival allows residents, traders and visitors to Fitzroy to explore the Gertrude Street community in new ways. It promotes social sustainability: inclusiveness and respect for the diversity of people of all socio economic backgrounds to mix and gain understanding, respect and recognition of each other. Visit for more information and to find out about special events held throughout the week.

Friday 9th July – Sunday 18th July. 6pm till midnight. Nightly events: Gold coin donation. Gertrude St, Fitzroy.