Details of funding for travel and publication by the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

As part of the Australian Academy of the Humanities’ responsibility to foster the study of the humanities in Australia, the Academy has established several international programmes to facilitate Australian scholars to travel overseas, and foreign scholars to travel to Australia, to access materials not held in their home countries and to create links with academics and researchers overseas.

These programmes are mostly aimed at post-doctoral researchers in the humanities.

The following programmes are offered in 2010

Humanities Travelling Fellowships

Fellowships of up to $4,000 each, they are intended to allow early-career humanities researchers to travel overseas for short periods (not less than two weeks) to access materials in connection with their research. This Programme also incorporates:

* the Ernst Keller Travelling Fellowships (for travel to European countries to conduct research in European topics or studies – early career researchers and researchers in German studies; however, researchers in other European topics are eligible for the Fellowship and are welcome to apply).

* the French Embassy in Australia Travelling Fellowships (for travel to France in order to gain access to resources held in French institutions), these are jointly funded by the French Embassy in Australia and the Academy.

The closing date for applications is 30 July 2010, for travel from January 2011.

The Swedish Exchange Programme

The Australian Academy of the Humanities has an exchange programme with the Swedish Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, which provides for an Australian scholar to visit that institution for a maximum of one month to do research in Sweden. The exchange provides for accommodation and a per diem for the scholar of up to 40,000 SEK.

The closing date for applications is 30 July 2010, for visits in 2011.

Visiting Scholar Programmes

These programmes are designed to assist in bringing scholars from Russia and the former USSR, and from Indonesia and South-East Asia, to Australia; their aim is to encourage and foster contact between scholars across the world, and they provide for Australian scholars to host scholars from the aforementioned parts of the worlds. It is envisaged that the visiting scholar will have conferences and/or speaking engagements during their stay in Australia.

Funds are available for up to two scholars from each region. Two scholars from Russia and the former USSR countries are eligible for up to $3500 of financial assistance each, while two scholars from Indonesia/South-East Asia are eligible for up to $2000. These funds may be used for any purpose that the Australian host considers vital to the visit, such as travel, conference fees, accommodation and per diems.

The closing date for applications is 30 July 2010.

Publication Subsidy Scheme

The scheme seeks to assist the publication of books on the humanities. Both independent scholars and those working within an institution are eligible for the scheme. Scholarly works that require a subsidy for their viability as a publishing venture, or for the inclusion of essential items such as illustrations, photographs or maps are given preference. In some cases support may be given for meritorious publications with some prospect of small-scale royalty and profit returns. Works with clear commercial prospects will not be supported by the AAH. Publications that have already been accepted by a reputable and refereed academic publisher are likely to be receive financial support.

The closing date for applications is 30 July 2010.

The Crawford Medal

The most prestigious award in the humanities, the Crawford Medal recognises the outstanding achievements of humanities scholars in Australia who are currently engaged in research and whose publications contribute towards an understanding of their disciplines by the general public. Created in recognition of the services to the Academy by Emeritus Professor R M Crawford, the Crawford Medal is awarded every second year to a candidate assessed under specific guidelines. Nominations are invited by 30 July 2010.

For more information contact the Academy on (02) 6125 9860; for specific questions about the above programmes, please email the Programme Manager: <> or <>.

You can download application forms and related documents for the above programmes as well as find more details about them on our website: