Deadline for Submission: April 20, 2010

This panel explores consumption as it relates to art and visual culture. Papers may deal with consumption as a subject matter and/or consumption as a dominant ideological paradigm within specific historical/cultural contexts. Papers may also address the ways in which consumption, in both practice and theory, shapes identities and transgresses or reinforces boundaries of many kinds; including but not limited to those that are geographical, political, social, and historical. Consumption could also be discussed in terms of the making, exhibiting, and viewing of fine art and other types of images, objects, and/or spaces. Submissions that question the impact that consumption has upon the environment and upon one’s sense of self and place are especially welcome, as are papers that explore the relationship between advertising and art. While all media, genres and time periods will be considered, submissions dealing with architecture, photography, film, and non-traditional modes of art production will be given preference.

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The panel will be part of the 2010 Southeast College Art Conference/Mid-America CAA Joint Annual Conference, hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, on October 20-23, 2010.

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