There is a new, prestigious cultural initiative promoted by Fondazione Giorgio Cini: the Vittore Branca International Center for the Study of Italian Culture, a new international resource for humanities studies aimed at young researchers and expert scholars interested in furthering their knowledge in a field of Italian civilisation: the visual arts, history, literature, music, drama.

Two main categories of researchers are eligible to attend the Vittore Branca Center: Junior, i.e. postgraduate students studying for a master’s degree, doctorate or specialization and Ph.D. graduates, and Senior, i.e. expert scholars – university lecturers, senior researchers, heads of research centers, writers or artists.

The residential facilities on the Island provide scholars and researchers with the opportunity to work and stay at length on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice at economically reasonable conditions (30 euros a day, including breakfast) in a setting conducive to reflection and intellectual exchanges. A residence situated in the grounds of the Island can accommodate up to 90 scholars, allowing young researchers and expert scholars to enjoy the mutual benefits of working side by side.

Researchers at the Vittore Branca Center will also have privileged access to the Fondazione Giorgio Cini libraries and archives, specialized in the areas of art history, Venetian history, literature, music, dance and theatre, and to the literary, art, drama and music bequests housed in the Foundation.

For more information see the scholarships page here, also see the list of suggested research topics here.

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