James Ackerman Award in the History of Architecture

The aim of the James Ackerman Award for the history of architecture is the annual publication of an original study in the field of architectural history. Manuscripts realized by two authors are also eligible for consideration, with the condition that neither author have yet published a book.

All periods are eligible within the field of architectural history, and there are no restrictions as to the nationality of the author. The text may be submitted in Italian, English, German, French or Spanish.

Only manuscripts ready for publication, with the complete illustration apparatus for which every aspect relative to copyright law has already been arranged by the author, will be accepted for consideration.

Those wishing to participate in the selection for the annual Award must have a PhD or have published an original study in architectural history in a qualified scientific journal (a copy of the study should be submitted with the application); they should forward to the Centro an abstract of no more than five pages (in Italian or English), two letters of recommendation (in Italian or English), and their curriculum vitae of no more than one page (in Italian or English).

The jury will select the projects to be promoted to the final level, when manuscripts will then be requested.

The jury will select the manuscript to be published by the C.I.S.A. Andrea Palladio, and may also declare an honorable mention. They may also decide to withhold the Award when no submission is considered of sufficient merit. The decisions of the jury are not open to appeal.

The jury is composed of:

• James S. Ackerman (president)

• Past presidents of the Scientific council of the Centro

• The current president of the Scientific council of the Centro

• The director of the Centro

• The director of “Annali di architettura”, the journal of the Centro

• Two members of the current Scientific council of the Centro

For the 2013 James Ackerman Award in the history of architecture, an abstract with recommendation letters and curriculum vitae must be received, also as computer files, by 16 November 2012.

Finalists will be requested to submit their manuscripts complete with notes, appendices and photocopies of all illustrations by 15 March 2013.

The Award has been made possible by a donation to the Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio by James S. Ackerman through the Balzan Prize he received in 2001.

For more information and to submit an entry visit the website http://www.premioackerman.it/bando2.htm