Art Talks: Simon Terrill

Simon Terrill, Balfron Tower, 2010 © Reproduced courtesy the artist and Sutton Gallery, Melbourne

Simon Terrill uses photography to investigate the relationship between built environments and personal narrative. Even when vacant, sites captured in his work are heavily laden with a sense of human presence and activity. The movement of crowds, wear and tear carved by constant use and intimate histories imparted by those passing through resonate in Terrill’s compositions. The artist is also known for fastidiously directed, composed and constructed crowd scenes such as the monumental Balfron Tower – a print of which is now in the Holmesglen Collection and a work that required months of meticulous organisation to realise. Liaison with an East End London council, residents and funding bodies lead to a single image in which an architectural monolith fairly hums with the spirit of its friendly residents.

Simon Terrill has exhibited extensively since 1998 – both in Australia and internationally. His works are held in important public and private collections in both Australia and the UK.

Proscenium, a book about Terrill’s work is due to be launched on Wednesday 7 March.

Date: Tuesday 6 March 2012 12.30 – 1.30pm

Venue: Holmesglen Chadstone campus Melway Ref: 69 E1

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Building 1, Level 1, Room 33 Batesford Road, Chadstone 3148

© Simon Terrill, Balfron Tower, 2010. Reproduced courtesy the ar tist and Sutton Galler y, Melbourne