Art History Seminar Programme

School of Culture and Communication, The University of Melbourne

Program for Semester 2, 2011

Time: Wednesdays, 1 pm- 2 pm

Venue: Room 114 John Medley (West Tower)

August 3 Monique Webber (University of Melbourne) – Meditantibus Escam: Critical Discourse and the Creation of Innocentine Rome

August 17 José Antonio González Zarandona (University of Melbourne) – The destruction of heritage: Rock art in the Burrup Peninsula

August 31 Justine Grace (University of Melbourne) – l’avanguardia cattolica: Fillia and the forgotten church of futurism

September 14 Professor Jaynie Anderson (University of Melbourne) – CIHA or the International Committee for the History of Art and making world art history

October 5 Professor John Clark (University of Sydney) – Ono Tadashige and Japanese avant-garde print movements of the 1930s

October 12 Assoc. Professor Jill Carrick (Carleton University)

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