Call for Papers

The Fifty-eighth Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America

Washington, D.C. 22-24 March 2012

The Program Committee invites submissions for individual papers or panels on any aspect of Renaissance Studies, or the era ca. 1300-1650.

You need not be a member of RSA to submit a proposal, but if your paper is accepted you must become a member and register for the conference. Proposals are evaluated by the Program Committee for their scholarly contribution to an aspect of the field.

Each proposed paper must include: contact information for author; title; abstract (150 word maximum); keywords; and a one-page curriculum vitae. Proposals may be submitted by individual scholars, by RSA Discipline Representatives, or by Representatives of Associate Organizations. Only individuals may submit single papers, and they may submit one proposal; Disciplines and Associate Organizations submit complete sessions only. Any given Discipline Representative, Associate Organization, or individual scholar may submit up to five sessions. Most sessions are composed of three 20-minute papers, but other formats, including roundtable discussions, will be considered as well.

For more information and details of sessions see the RSA webpage