Website – Recreating Early Modern Festivals

A new website has been launched by a group of scholars called ‘Recreating Early Modern Festivals’. The website has information about research projects based on Early Modern Festivals in Europe. The core group of researchers is based at the University of Edinburgh, with a steering committee made up of academics from universities in the UK, Italy and Spain.

The aim of the website and of the broader research group is to bring together scholars from a range of disciplines in order to study Early Modern festivals, which are of interest to art and architectural historians, musicologists, social and theatre historians and so on. The group also wants to investigate the possibility of recreating these festivals as a way of furthering our understanding of them. At this stage the main content on the website is three online exhibitions with images and information about studies into Early Modern Festival by the project’s main investigators. These include reconstructions of the architectural elements of several royal entries:

Laura Fernandez-Gonzalez
Iberia Triumphant: the reconstruction of Lisbon on the triumphal entry of Philip II of Spain in 1581

Dr. Giovanna Guidicini:
European themes and local awareness: the reconstruction of Charles I’s entry intro Edinburgh in 1633

Emily Peppers, PhD candidate, Organology
Music, Musicians and New Discoveries in French Triumphal Entries: the royal entry into Rouen, 1550

Part of the initiative is an International Network for the Study of Early Modern Festival, which aims to connect scholars interested in the study of Early Modern Festivals. The website states that the objective of this network is  “to create a ‘virtual’ space where participants can increase collaboration and dialogue between researchers interested in the same topics.” Both emerging and established scholars are invited to participate. Further details can be found here.